NFT South is a leading NFT and Crypto conference. The conferences are meaningful and the utility of NFTs as sports memorials, and media from the games are minted as NFTs on a sustainable blockchain protocol and auctioned off to the highest bidders. NFT South celebrates unique use cases of NFTs. An interesting use case that has come to attention is the crypto lottery. NFT South is established by Julian Holguin in the year 2019. The company is placed in Dallas, Texas.


NFT South leading NFT South Dallas event is in July 2022. They will organize lots of insightful, enlightening, and fun activities about NFTs, like an opportunity to play chess with the youngest person ever to achieve the title of grandmaster. NFT South will be an inspection and celebration of unique use cases of NFTs. NFT South to discuss the advantages of NFTs and crypto as potential service platforms and proceeds sources for cities across the US. The media partner of the NFT South   Cointelegraph, CIO Application, CIO Review, Packt, and Crypto News.