The "Edge of NFT" podcast team collaborated with event planners and business titans to help create the most significant NFT conferences of 2021. Their goal for 2022 is to enhance the space's immersive conference experience. Recent history has demonstrated that sports, music, and entertainment have had a significant impact on the adoption of technology. On the list of plentiful natural resources in Los Angeles are all industries. Edge of NFT, known for being co-creators who put the community first, teamed up with local SoCal event pros like Blockchain Marketing and Honeysweet Creative to pull off a multifaceted meeting of Web3 and NFTs.

The NFT | LA staff is highly sensitive to and aware of the ongoing risks posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Researchers will implement the suggested regulatory event guidelines necessary for COVID-19 issued by the state of California, at the time of the conference, by the current policy issued by the LA Convention Center at the time of the event, to protect the wellbeing of all of the partners, speakers, and attendees.