Nascentedge is an event organizing company founded in the year 2021, which aims to connect people with global events. These events help people to understand the opportunity in the global market. It helps people to enter the market with confidence, connect people with decision-makers, and to revolutionalize the sales of the customers. And also assist in shaping and starting new businesses. Nascentedge was established by Yudi Soetjiptadi in the year 2021. The company is placed in Hong Kong.

NascentEdge is organizing and connecting people with the world's high-class events. NascentEdge is organizing three events that are mainly focused on Games, fintech, and space. NascentEdge delivers innovative and engaging platforms for strategies, sponsorships, and Digital advertisements. They are an expert in esports, games, gaming, gaming developer, gaming publisher, team owner, tournament organizers, marketing agencies, content creators, research companies, solution providers, investors, media agencies, event production, exhibition, trade show, satellite, green technology, electric vehicle, and communication.