TRASOL Technology is a creative business solution and the best quality technology. The mission of Trasol Technology is a enable the digital transformation across the business to increase efficiency and productivity to a new level. TRASOL Technolgy is an expert in designing, developing, and delivering the right experience for business, being a client-centric and structured team. Also, it delivers effective services to its clients.TRASOL Technology starts its journey in the year 2018 with exhibition planning and exhibition management. The company is placed in Banglore, Karnataka.

TRASOL Technology's vision is to add value to the core business and raise the business to reach new heights with advanced technology. They lead technology providers to the FX brokerage firm. They are focused on forging strong partnerships with clients to establish and grow the FX industry. They provide services in Cloud Transformation, Tech Exhibitions, Digital Conference, Digital Web & Mobility, Product Engineering, and Connecting Markets.