Lair East Labs is a New York-based business accelerator that helps founders wherever they are in the world. The platform was created because founders faced an uphill struggle at the time, and the company now serves entrepreneurs all over the world. By using acceleration, financing, and a worldwide network of like-minded entrepreneurs, Lair East Lab helps innovators along their business path. The platform was created in 2007 and is located in San Francisco. It was co-founded by Seamon Chan. empowering the founders globally to expand in the US and Asia. 


The company's team believes that founders are the key cornerstone of every organization's growth and that without founders, growth would be difficult to tackle tomorrow's problems. The company's goal is to assist entrepreneurs in creating profitable and long-lasting businesses that address worldwide platforms. The vast international links serve as a link between the United States and Asia, providing creators with access to enormous and quickly growing markets. The organisation takes a personal strategy to invest, mentor, and guide each portfolio of the company. A diverse, inventive firm that believes that everyone deserves equal opportunity. It is recognised as a top 100 accelerator worldwide by CrunchBase.