Koji is a crypto venture capital firm cultivating communities. It is an early-stage investment firm building the global financial stack. The platform provides growth capital to drive the adoption of a new generation of applications.  The global financial stack can be built without permission, but it is obsolete without a rich network of participants and supporting capital. The platform's capital offers institutional-grade exposure to the digital asset class. The company is headquartered in Brisbane, with a total of 1–10 employees working for the firm.


Koji capital currently supports the development of new components of the global financial stack and requires more than just capital at risk. They support projects by providing capital and participating during their most vital growth phase. In that way, they are not only investing in but building the global financial stack. Moreover, as the smart-contract libraries are open and writing access to the blockchain is free, anyone can contribute to enhancing it. The Internet's creation remains seminal in the history of technology; at the time of its inception, only a few understood the value of communication protocol, whereas today it allows so many people to know and a day cannot be spent without it.