iGaming NEXT is a content-driven conference organization that specializes in live and virtual events. The main goal is to keep experts and enthusiasts informed about the iGaming sector and related businesses, including finance, technology, blockchain, and many more. Pierre & Martin, who have more than 25 years of combined iGaming industry experience, launched iGaming NEXT with the goal of fostering thought leadership and knowledge sharing in order to connect people and advance the industry. These values are embedded in the iGaming NEXT organization, which has as its mission to be a force for good in the iGaming sector. 

iGaming NEXT gives a vast quantity of information and knowledge, making iGaming NEXT a focus point for the industry. A-list guests, keynote speakers, panel discussions, fireside chats, and presentations. Visitors can review all sessions as many as they like in the online Video Library to fully understand the material. Anyone may learn what the iGaming industry is truly about, who the key players and firms are, follow them, and gain crucial knowledge to advance along their own chosen route with the help of the various insights provided on all of our social media channels.