IBCOM 2022 is an event organizer company that offers yearly events on Block Chain issues and trends. They provide an excellent international arena for exchanging information and findings related to IoT, Blockchain, and cloud computing theory, methodology, and applications. The conference invites authors to participate by submitting articles that demonstrate research findings, projects, surveying works, and industrial experiences that explain major advancements in the following fields but are not limited to. IBCOM 2022 was established in the year 2020 and they will explain the topics such as Block Chain issues and trends, Blockchain Attacks on Existing Systems, Blockchain Consensus Algorithms, Blockchain Foundations, Blockchain New Design, Blockchain Privacy, Blockchain Scalability, Blockchain-based security for the IoT, IoT Connectivity and Networking, Electronics and Signal Processing for IoT, IoT Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios and more.