The Hxro Foundation was formed as a Cayman Foundation with a 5-member board. The Foundation was created to ensure that the Hxro Network ecosystem and its guidelines can focus on meeting their pragmatic objectives while eventually achieving comprehensive decentralization. The purpose and mandate of the Hxro Foundation are to financially support and encourage the Hxro Network ecosystem through functions such as, but not limited to: The Hxro Network ecosystem should be supported and knowledgeable to the public and global financial sectors. management of the Hxro Network treasury, such as authorizing, accepting, spending, and sustaining virtual currencies on the network, Implementing network governance smart contracts, and distributing governance tokens.


The Hxro team consists of top engineering expertise with perspectives in long-established exchanges, decentralized marketplaces, blockchain technology, and online and sports betting. The company vendors come from many different backgrounds, including Goldman Sachs, DRW, DV Investing, and Macquarie Group. The Hxro Network is an on-chain derivatives primitive that provide core transfer, vulnerability, and payment infrastructure for professional investment applications. The company partners are FTX, TRM, Tradingview, and  MGroup.