Giottus is a top-rated Indian Crypto assets exchange platform established in 2017. The company is recognized for changing the way Indian users trade digital assets by developing an ecosystem that is customer centric along with a top-tier customer support system.  The platform offers products and solutions that cater to users of every segment with key product features enabling them to trade in 100+ cryptocurrency pairs, spot exchange, and one-click buy. With a mission to make crypto assets accessible for anyone, Giottus focuses to become a cryptocurrency trading expert by offering a reliable, and trustworthy platform that is easy to use.


In addition to this, the company also sticks to the highest compliance and cyber-security standards to secure customers and their crypto assets. Giottus have the most extensive partnerships in the industry which allows it to be online even if most of the financial institutions withdraw their support from the crypto environment. The company was founded by Vikram and Arjun, as blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts founded with the belief that the present developments in this sector are just a mark on the surface and its actual success depends on its adoption by the majority. By utilizing state-of-the-art security measures, Giottus handles all information of the user by fully encrypting and storing the sensitive personal info of the user.