Foxbit is one of the largest cryptocurrency centralized exchange platforms founded in 2014. Desires to build a solid and credible market in brazil for trading Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies with 20+ Billion reais traded since its inception reaching the mark of nearly 1 Million registered customers. The platform has a wide-ranging portfolio of products and services for investments in crypto assets focusing on beginners, experienced investors as well as companies. 


Foxbit has developed by João Canhada and Luís Augusto Schiavon with a team of more than 50 people passionate about building the future to make the financial lives of the people easier. The platform is dedicated to making the world of crypto accessible and available in a fast, simple, and secure way by enabling anyone to invest in their financial freedom. The exchange offers individuals to trade cryptocurrencies, Defi tokens, Stablecoins, Metaverse tokens, NFT, and games with additional and exclusive services of other crypto products for investments. 


In 2021, Foxbit reached the mark of 7 Billion reais and launched their new business unit Foxbit Business with solutions for firms to be part of the innovative digital economy with products including Crypto Payment Gateway, real asset tokenization, and crypto-as-a-service and elected one of the most promising fintech in Brazil. Speaking about awards Foxbit achieved, the platform has won 1st place in the Microsoft BizSpark, 1st place in the Visa Track, and 1st place in the Deloitte award.