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Flow is a scalable and decentralized layer one blockchain network. which is designed to serve as the basis for fast-paced next-generation applications, games, and virtual currencies. It was launched by Dapper Labs back in 2018. Dapper Labs is the same firm that has rolled out revolutionary applications such as NBA Top Shot, Dapper Wallet, and CryptoKitties. The Flow ecosystem was built from the ground up with networks and online technology insight, which is said to be the only blockchain-based innovation with a protocol layer that improves customer experience. It has a developer-friendly ecosystem and an ACID-friendly atmosphere that optimizes velocity.


Flow houses some of the unique features that set it apart from its direct rivals. The unique set of features includes multi-role architecture, resource-oriented programming, developer ergonomics, and customer onboarding. The Flow ecosphere’s native coin is FLOW, which can be employed for all fee transactions, payments, rewards, and staking of FLOW coins at the protocol level. The network enjoys a rich ecosystem that comprises renowned brands such as development studios and start-ups backed by venture capitalists. The Flow network boasts prominent partners like Warner Music, Ubisoft, NBA, UFC, Sumo Digital, and Animoca brands, amongst others.