FBR has a track record of successfully delivering conferences on Blockchain Technology, AI, Crypto, Metaverse, 3D Printing, and TMT. Their events, which include exhibitions, round tables, and lengthy training sessions, provide practical and specialized guidance in many areas, assisting participants in improving and developing their businesses. Their conferences, which are organized in close collaboration with prominent industry experts, have a solid reputation for content and as commercial gatherings between buyers and suppliers.


Thousands of specialists from telecommunications firms, technology and service providers, governments, financial institutions, and consultancies attend their conferences each year. Suppliers use their trade shows to develop specific sales and marketing leads. We are well-positioned to conduct relevant, current, and engaging events and secure the finest networking environment with our headquarters in India and regional offices in the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Kenya, and South Africa. The Falcon can be seen high above in the clouds and is endowed with elevated spirits, and it is a symbol of passion, vision, aspiration, and an ideal. The Falcon is a fiery, majestic, strong, and robust creature whose domain is the endless sky.