EtherDelta is a decentralized crypto exchange platform founded in 2016 by Zachary Coburn. Operating as one of the first decentralized exchanges to launch on Ethereum that rely on order books or order matching engines, as well as speed on execution, which is not actually compatible with the workings of a blockchain-based platform such as Ethereum. EtherDelta is one of the first attempts to structure an on-chain exchange on Ethereum, and for some time had also been one of the few liquid DEXs.


The ecosystem is designed to provide secure, fair, and reliable transaction crypto assets. Majorly, the exchange is used for sourcing tokens that have either been listed or just launched.  A type of exchange, that is often referred to as a DEX exchange, which means the data is distributed in several nodes of the server. The platform is primarily a market for ERC-20 Tokens present on the Ethereum blockchain.


The exchange back-end operates via an intermediary smart contract, the EtherDelta contract. There are no fees charged or implemented a self-sustaining tokenomic model paying for the maintenance and support, while there is a 0.3% taker liquidity fee. In addition, there are registration forms or KYC procedures, traders are enabled to trade directly from the wallet via the exchange contract.