A decentralized cross-chain NFT marketplace that would initially leverage the scalability, security, and interoperability of the Cardano blockchain to develop one-of-a-kind security. Cardano is a Cardano-powered secure NFT and digital collectibles marketplace. To reduce the barrier of entry for creators and to provide a secure, standard, and low-cost digital collectible marketplace where the creators can sell their digital works and earn ADA securely without the need for a third party, the idea of DigiRack was implemented. The company’s mission is to give power back to the changemakers, not only to unlock their full potential but also to focus on creating the best possible secondary user experience for both NFT traders and also beginner users. The platform features NFT live tracking, diverse NFT support, NFT bids, timed auctions, NFT swaps, NFT loans, and NFT staking & launchpad. The startup company, Digirack, was established in 2022 and founded by Shirajuddin M. 


The company's goal is to provide the maximum possible utility for Rack token holders, which means that holding Rack will give you the right to take part in proposals that will affect the future of the Digirack Ecosystem. Rack Token is the underlying utility that will be used within the Digirack ecosystem with utilities like governance, creator verification, fraud prevention, mining fee payments, and further listing on top exchanges and various brand collaborations. 


DigiRack will provide a convenient way for users to experience inexpensive fees, one-click minting, and more elevated royalties for creators. The firm supports the mining and trading of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain and other sidechains like Milkomeda. The platform supports a variety of NFTs, including single NFTs, collections, and in-game metaverse collectibles. It supports the tracking of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain by utilizing the Blockfrost and Tangocrypto APIs. The company's media partners are Yahoo Finance, CoinMarket Cap, The Cointelegraph, and Investing. co, etc.