Decentralized is the worlds leading learning conference on blockchain and digital currencies. The conference brings together leading business executives and academic experts from around the globe to debate current trends and future developments across the areas like business, technology, academia, and workshops. Decentralized aims of bringing together individuals interested in Blockchain and digital currencies to promote, educate and expand the industry’s reach. Decentralized is established in the year 2017. The company is placed in Nicosia, Cyprus.


Decentralized leading the largest summit in Europe they focused on the business and political implications of blockchain technologies, across several key industries, including shipping/supply chain, financial services, government, accounting/auditing, and legal and governance. The Decentralized conference analysis of the long-term suggestion of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and decentralized autonomous organizations. Decentralized is an expert in blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Financial Services, Blockchain Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.