Dandelion Labs is a blockchain product development and research firm that creates meaningful experiences to drive the next generation of decentralized commerce. It is a blockchain startup founded in the year 2021 by Leon Acosta, who is an entrepreneur. They have a small crew and are based in Hanoi, Vietnam. The purpose-driven multidisciplinary team believes in technology as a force of change. Technology has to be carefully and consciously designed, architectured and applied to ensure positive and fair outcomes for internal and external stakeholders, leveraging it to support sustainable and regenerative practices, social impact, and inclusion.


The firm specializes in blockchain, branding, and product development. The company works in a variety of fields, including information technology, education, business services, and financial services. Blockchain, tokens, cryptocurrency, software development, and whitepaper are among the company's specialties. Some of the products manufactured by Dandelion laboratories include the NFT marketplace, Token Linear Vesting, NFT launchpad, Web 3 Authentication, NFT staking and incentives, and NFT drawing station.