Crypto Valley Labs is a unique place in Crypto Valley. They bring together great minds and new ideas to discuss and innovate. CV Lab is an incubator and co-working space helping blockchain companies grow successfully. The platform provides a variety of services for its ecosystems, like shared offices, meetups, summits, competitions, funding, mentoring, advisory, marketing, and community. CV Labs was established by Mathias Ruch in the year 2018. The company is based in Zug, Switzerland.


Crypto Vally Labs offices are located in Zug, Vaduz, and soon Cape Town, and provide more than 130 of the leading blockchain projects in the industry. The company wants to champion the next generation of blockchain startups by investing in crypto and blockchain companies in their early stages. The events of the CV Labs provide a full schedule of educational opportunities to deepen the knowledge of blockchain technology, entrepreneurship, and how to capture the value of emerging business models. CV Summit is the flagship event that takes place twice a year. The brightest projects in the Crypto Valley include Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, AAVE, Cosmos, Tezos, Dfinity, and the first two crypto banks in Switzerland—Sygnum and SEBA Bank. They are partnered with the leading firms that are Fineac Treuhand, PaPatricialockchain, Woonkly, etc.