CryptoAndBlockchainTalk is a free podcast for everyone interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech. focusing on producing instructive and understandable material, including talks with some of today's greatest stars in technology. This is the podcast that will teach you all you need to know about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and everything in between. Their purpose is to conduct interviews with the brightest stars in the universe, bringing them directly to your ears for free listening enjoyment. All the interviews stream on, bringing you the latest news on all things blockchain and crypto-related all day, every day—plus music!


All the episodes are categorized into total First step into crypto, ICO Insight, Podcast, and Press release. Aviva Ounap, Since 2008, she has been the show's host. Where she discusses cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and digital currencies, as well as disseminates information on all current developments in the crypto market and frequent comments from cryptocurrency enthusiasts.