COTI payment enables retailers to accept COTI cryptocurrency instantly. The first corporate-level digital finance platform, COTI, allows companies to digitize any currency and develop their private payment system without using middlemen. The platform's creators present it as a universal payment method that combines the benefits of both conventional payments and blockchain technology.


COTI Pay operates inside the framework of the platform and offers rapid, inexpensive, and secure online and offline payments. To guarantee cheap transaction fees and scalability, COTI uses a Trustchain consensus mechanism based on DAG (directed acyclic graph). The platform's coin (COTI) combines the best of traditional payment systems and cryptocurrencies and has a solid potential to become the "currency of the Internet." The platform offers highly cheap transaction costs (0.1%) and extremely quick payments (over 100,000 transactions per second). Another layer of protection for retailers and customers is the dispute resolution mechanism, which functions within the platform's structure. The company's estimated revenue annually is $16M per year.