Coinshares is a pioneer in digital asset investing. The platform is the new frontier of finance with experienced leadership. The company was founded in 2015 by Rus Newton with the mission of expanding access to the digital asset ecosystem while serving as a trusted partner for its clients. Since its establishment, the firm has been building products and services to meet clients' needs—from individuals to institutions, and everyone in between.


As the digital market grows, the company's focus is on analyzing the opportunities and building long-lasting solutions around the needs of their clients. The company has established a track record for delivering financial innovative products in asset classes such as exchange-traded products, active strategies, advisory services, capital markets, and index strategies. A group of finance professionals, portfolio managers, traders, and product innovators who believe in the power of digital disruption to transform markets, economies, and modern society. Coinshares has been named the best bitcoin issuer. Recently, the platform announced the availability of two new exchange traded products (ETPs): MATIC and Cosmos.