Coimetro is a traditional financial institution that recognizes the complexities and benefits of blockchain and crypto technology. The platform provides users a friendly gateway, enabling them to get connected in the crypto and huge fintech space with ease of access via the tokenized ecosystem. The main objective of the company is to understand the significance of regulatory compliance with a primary focus develop at the forefront of every business action.


Founded in 2017 by Kevin Murcko along with a team with expertise in traditional finance, retail trading, compliance, IT, and legal sectors making the finest platform to build upon. The platform is actively working with regulators in several jurisdictions to further improve the regulatory framework in the industry. Coinmetro deploys a user-friendly framework that provides mobility among blockchain-oriented digital assets and traditional markets, binding the three main components of the digital space, cryptocurrency exchange, trading platform, and ICO. 


For a seasoned trader or just introduced to crypto, Coimetro focuses on making the financial success of every individual. Offering to buy and sell crypto with services including swapping between crypto and fiat in a few clicks, Fiat deposits and withdrawals in USD, AUD, EUR, and GBP, and instant ACH, SEPA, and faster payments. The exchange has the lowest fees in the industry with dynamic liquidity that grows with volume including feature-rich trading platforms developed to scale.