Coinmama is a financial service platform that allows users to buy cryptocurrency and bitcoin  from anywhere in the globe with ease and security. It is a platform that millions of people in 190 countries trust. The platform has a strong belief that when people are in control of their own economy then the future will not require any middle men or hidden fees and fine point, that will provide financial  liberty to everyone.  The company’s mission is to simplify the way the world buys cryptocurrency and to make that process an easy one for all. The company was co-founded by Nimrod and Laurence in the year  2013 and is located in Slovakia. The company operates around the world and is building a global community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 


At coinmama, users can exchange their fiat currency such as dollars or euros, for several cryptocurrencies and also can exchange their Bitcoin for fiat currency.  Users can purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum using a credit card, debit card, or wire transfer from their bank account, supports SEPA, SWIFT, VISA, Mastercard and faster payments and low or no payment processing fees, high daily and monthly spending limits. Keeping users' coins secure is the company’s top priority. The platform services Coinmama Academy, which provides complete resources for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related information, so that users can start their journey in the crypto market. As a financial service, the company provides the highest security and privacy standards.