CoinList is a centralized crypto assets trading platform based in the United States. The platform provides an ecosystem for users to trade and store Bitcoin, Ether, and several other leading crypto assets via their full-service exchange, CoinList Pro,, and mobile apps. At present, the company supports the complete lifecycle of a crypto investment, ranging from token sales via token distribution, lending, trading, and crypto-based services including staking and access to decentralized finance. The company was founded in 2017 by Graham Jenkin, Andy Bromberg, Joshua Slayton, and Brian Tubergen, headquartered in San Francisco, California. 


The company is on a mission to accelerate the evolution of blockchain technology by discovering the best emerging blockchain projects and helping them succeed. Because of the qualitative services, has become the international leader in the new token publication helping blue chip projects such as Filecoin, Algorand, Dapper, Celo, Solana, and others connect with thousands of new token holders. Being no further than other centralized crypto finance platforms, the platform not only builds a bank or a brokerage but also builds the platform for people who are enthusiastic about bringing crypto forward. 


CoinList selects companies to partner with after an industry process involving its technical and market advisory committees including crypto investors, developers, and luminaries. Serving customers ranging from validators, miners, founders, CEOs, bitcoin OGs, crypto funds, as well as a broad list of crypto enthusiasts, and has raised $169.2 Million since its inception.