CLICK is an inclusive community built to engage everyone.  CLICK authorizes a fun, easy, and secure way to support and earn from original content. They combine the universality of social media and the power of blockchain technology so benefit from the time and attention they lend to promoting digital content. The Vision of CLICK is to Gain sustainable passive income on CLICK. CLICK is established by Val Bercovici in the year 2021. The company is placed in California, United States.

CLICK leading the web3 ownership economy. CLICK empowers creators and supporters to authenticate, own, and earn from unique content. They create a safe free NFT post for everyone.CLICK-NFT is the safest and simplest way to begin the NFT journey. CLICK bridges the gaps between social media, NFT creation, IP rights, NFT marketplaces, and web3 wallets. CLICK is expertise in NFT, Web3, Blockchain, Defi, Crypto, and DAO.