Celer Network was founded in 2018. The platform, Celer Network, allows for the development and scaling of decentralised apps and it intends to promote widespread adoption of blockchain technology. The founders of Celer Network, Xiaozhou Li, Junda Liu, Qingkai Liang, and Mo Dong, formed the company in 2018. The company develops scaling platforms that enable off-chain transactions for payment transactions and generalised off-chain smart contracts.


Throughout 5 rounds, Celer Network has raised $6.1M in investment. For off-chain scaling methods, quick and affordable dApp creation, playing games on blockchains, and liquidity use the Celer Network. On top of existing blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Celer Network is utilized as a framework for interoperability and scaling. Partnered with Mystiko, SynFutures, Futureswap and Solace.