Casa provides customers and businesses with a safe place to store digital assets. Through the multi-location security approach that eliminates single points of failure and shields users from theft, accidents, and disasters, Casa assists users in managing their private keys and gives them the means to protect their digital life. Jeremy Welch founded Casa in 2016, and the company's staff members include Trezor creator Alena Vranova and bitcoin developer Jameson Lopp. 


It is the best platform for Bitcoin self-custody services. The platform simplifies acquiring bitcoin and keeps it safe while retaining ownership of your private keys. The perfect fusion of security, privacy, and control is Casa Multisig. Casa's Keymaster product is a custody solution that safeguards money using multi-signature technology, also known as multi-sig. Users can subscribe to multiple service tiers, each of which comes with a number of devices (such as a mobile app and hardware wallets) created for a range of holdings, from tiny sums to high balances. The company has raised a total of $27.1M in funding over 5 rounds, with the most recent round taking place in 2021.