Campden Family Connect is an excellent membership network for India’s ultra-high net worth community, family business owners, and their family offices. Campden Wealth, UK is an independent family-owned business providing knowledge and intelligence to a community of the world's wealthiest families, their family office, and ultra-high net worth investors. Campden Family Connect is established by Amit Patni in the Family office and Arihant Patni Campden Wealth in the year 2016. The company is placed in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Campden Family Connect's founders are field of IT in India and went on to build a global IT outsourcing business spanning over 4 decades. The concept of family offices in India remains growing with very few fully owned family offices compare with markets such as the UK, US, and Europe. The Campden family provides closed-door meetings covering family business, family office, investment opportunities, and wealth management best practices.