BlockSec is a security and data company that aims to provide security for decentralised application ecosystems. The prime focus is on securing the blockchain ecosystem and collaborating with leading Defi projects intending to protect their products. In addition, the platform provides a smart contract audit service for both the Solidity and Rust environments. The platform was founded in the year 2021 by the two co-founders, Zhou Yajin and Wu Lei.


BlockSec has published several blockchain security papers at renowned conferences, reported numerous zero-day attacks on Defi applications, and released in-depth analysis reports of greater impact security incidents. Overall, the company develops an online loan detection platform, an anti-money laundering tracking platform, and a smart online contract transaction analysis platform that supports multiple chains, committing to improving blockchain security, supervision, and governance. The platform has provided security audit services to over 100 crypto projects and has rescued more than $5 million in assets.