The international conference BlockchainUA: Conference, Community, Trends, is a meeting point for bold ideas and courageous people, new knowledge, current trends, and innovative projects. It is one of the largest blockchain conferences in Eastern Europe and has been held in Ukraine for 6 years. Organized by the local CryptoAlcoholics community and supported by leading crypto enthusiasts from Europe. They bring together IT and Fintech experts, developers, top managers, entrepreneurs, investors, start-up teams, bankers, lawyers, media, regulators, and blockchain enthusiasts from around the world. It operates a web-based bitcoin platform that makes using bitcoin safe, easy, and secure for all consumers and businesses worldwide. 


The conference covers topics such as blockchain and fintech, cryptocurrency and regulatory rules, NFT, metaverse and web 3.0, identification and security, interaction and scaling, investment and trade, Defi and DAO, pitching startups, and more, organized by the Community and for the Community. The conferences focus on the interests of the market participants and become a center for the exchange of knowledge and experience between experts and beginners not only from Ukraine but also from all over the world. Their sponsors and partners are as follows: whitebait, GEO/pay, V, NEAR, QMALL, MANIMAMA, INC4, etc. With media partners in crypto, ICOHOLDER, Forklog, Coincodex, NINVENTURE, PAYSPACE, CoinPedia, Tech Ukraine, and Crypto Dealer.