BKEX is an innovative digital asset trading ecosystem for professional users across the globe. The company offers trading and investment services including a wide range of digital assets. As an international digital asset financial services space, the company has independent trading and operation centers in Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the US, and other countries. Established in 2018 and is registered in the British Virgin Islands. The services provided by the exchange include a list of quality services including Buy Crypto, Market, Spot Trading, Derivatives, Earn, Express mining, and Events.


With a higher value of digital asset circulation, provides a multi-signature cold wallet for digital asset storage, and also with a professional risk control team with more than 10 years of expertise in supporting API trading. Through the debut of excellent programs, the platform's express news of market trends enables users to discover excellent programs and acquire investment opportunities. BKEX has combined the benefits of the high performance of centralized exchange and the high reliability of decentralized open blockchain, the company offers trade services for digital assets such as Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), EOS, NEO, and many other digital assets.


At present, there are 636 coins and 941 trading pairs on the exchange with the most active trading pair BTC/USDT with a 24-hour volume of $934,751,723.66. Depending on its public chain, the platform can achieve safe storage of digital assets, asset distribution, project crowdfunding, and develop a DPOS-based super-node decision-making system environment.