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BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file-sharing platform that has become more decentralized in recent times. Founded by Bram Cohen in July 2001, BitTorrent was taken over in July 2018 by Tron, which is owned by Justin Sun. The project was developed to replace the dated entertainment space, which made obtaining materials slow and expensive.


The project went live on the Tron mainnet in January 2019. The protocol enabled users to utilize tokens in the BitTorrent speed application to boost download speeds in July 2019. Furthermore, BitTorrent’s decentralised file-sharing protocol BTFS was launched on the mainnet in October 2019.


BitTorrent is supported by a robust and high-bandwidth blockchain. The platform is based on cryptographic methods, which are dependent on "zero-disclosure" evidence. The BTT platform has been upgraded with additional tools and a dedicated native currency, BitTorrent Token (BTT).


BTT is a TRC-20 utility token, which is based on the Tron blockchain and powers popular decentralised projects and applications. Decentralized applications such as BitTorrent speed, BitTorrent file system, Dlive, etc., are powered by the BTT token.