BITFRONT is an international cryptocurrency exchange company. Operating as an exclusive platform for listing digital assets supported on the LINE Blockchain space and for trading its digital tokens with other primary tokens. The company is on a mission to bring the cryptocurrency industry into the mainstream. Focusing to develop a platform where everyone should be authorized to independently trade and securely maintain their digital assets on the exchange, while also experiencing the highest levels of trust and reliability. 


Developed from the leading security team based on international technology services with expertise from serving nearly 186 Million monthly active users. The platform maintains most of the user's assets securely by utilizing multi-signature technology for advanced security. Through stable and reliable trading space and a professional trading ecosystem, allows users to customize their TradingView charts, and set Stop-Limit orders. 


As LINE's global crypto exchange, BITFRONT trades major tokens and LINE's blockchain key token, LINK, in USD fiat market spaces. Previously, the platform was known as BITBOX, which was launched in mid-2018, whereas BITFRONT was launched in 2020. Mainly focusing to leverage LINE's security and customer product knowledge ranging from developing social, finance, and entertainment services in Asia sectors. The company is operated by LVC USA Inc., which is a subsidiary of LINE Corporation.