Bitfinex is a digital acquisition trading platform that provides cutting-edge services for users of digital currencies and international liquidity providers. As one of the first expert platforms created in response to the exploding demand for cryptocurrency trading, it was founded in 2012 by Giancarlo Devasini and Raphael Nicolle. Since then, the team has accumulated tremendous knowledge and cemented our position as the preferred platform for institutions and dealers of digital assets. The headquarters of the company is located in Taipei, Taiwan, East Asia.


Being one of the first P2P-based margin trading platforms, Bitfinex has since solidified its position as the most liquid BTCUSD exchange globally, offering some of the most cutting-edge trading tools. It is the exchange with the largest global trading volume of digital assets to date. The strategic goal of Bitfinex is to offer the best possible assistance, resources, and innovation to global liquidity providers and professional traders. The company has made 8 investments, the most recent investment was on July 7, 2022, when Thalex increased by 7.5M Euro. Bitfinex has two investors namely Arrington XRP Capital and IOSG ventures. The total annual revenue of the company is $25.0 million as of 2021. Around 75-100 employees work at Bitfinex and the revenue per employee ratio is $333,333.