BetDex is a decentralized sports betting exchange that was created with the mission of building the global decentralized sports betting protocol. As the sports betting industry is vast as well as popular, sports betting platforms are preferred by not only young people but people of all generations. Keeping this thing in mind, the platform BetDex was innovated so that people of any age can bet on sports. The protocol is designed in such a way that it delivers high speed and low transaction costs while eliminating counterparty risk. The protocol is an innovative permissionless protocol that allows anyone to build their own applications. 


The platform, with extensive experience in the sports betting industry, has launched the flutter sports betting exchange, BETDAQ, Fanduel daily fantasy sports, and the FanDuel sportsbook. BetDex is the world's first decentralized sports betting protocol that uses blockchain technology for sports betting. The platform was created by the industry's leading experts Stuart Tonner, Varun Sudhakar, and Nigel Eccles. The platform costs $0.00025 average cost per transaction and has 50K+ transactions per second with 400 milliseconds of block time.