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Ankr Network is a cloud-based blockchain infrastructure for business applications and is the first company to leverage both blockchain and hardware for cloud and data security purposes. The company provides a Web3-native infrastructure platform and incorporates a plan to develop Proof of Useful Work (PoUW), a self-sustaining blockchain framework that uncovers the potential of idle computers.


Ankr company was founded in the year 2017, and the company’s specialties include Blockchain, Defi, Staking, and Developer Platform. Ankr leverages idle cloud resources in data centers and edge devices and provides a solution to create, deploy, and monitor projects and applications across any environment. It provides the fastest, most reliable Web3 infrastructure that permits the community to see why top protocols and decentralized applications are depending on Ankr to win Web3. 


The platform is built along with numerous leading organizations such as Polygon, Binance, Aave, Optimism, SpiritSwap, and Avalanche. The platform allows stakers to stake and earn with their staking products by staking directly into users' decentralized applications. It integrates Web3 wallets, NFTs, and monetization tools to support any web2 game into a web3 and makes the game developers to the next level through Ankr's web3 tools.