AltFi leading market-leading news, opinion, insights, and events for the strong-growth alternative finance and fintech community. The AltFi media company is focused on breaking down lending, banking, and investing. Otherwise, they include alternative lending, digital banks, and digital wealth management. AltFi's events in Europe, Australia, and North America have become interested in the space, while their team has also expanded to include specialist news and analysis. AltFi is managing by Sam Ridley since November 2018. The company is placed in London.

AltFi organizes major industry events, Seminars, and conferences all over the world as well as side by side their branded media Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) industry in Europe, Australia, and Asia, which are helping to the decreasing finance more transparent and accessible to an increasingly wider audience. Also, AltFi is an expert in Alternative Finance, News, Events, Data, Media, Fintech, Peer-to-Peer, and Finance.