Algorand is the world's most decentralized, secure, and scalable blockchain infrastructure that provides services ranging from decentralized finance to generative NFT, empowering sustainable blockchain for economic models of the future. The company's mission is to earn global trust via decentralization by creating simple designs that drive adoption by a large number of people and building an elegant technology that removes barriers to prosperity for every individual across the globe.


Silvio Micali founded the company Algorand in 2017 and is US based. The network is the official blockchain of FIFA, world football's governing body, that collaborated with a green blockchain technology firm. The firm is unleashing scalability, blending TradeFi and Defi, and accelerating international sustainability through its ecosystem of organizations, powering economic models of the future on the Algorand platform. The company has launched numerous leading projects, including Folks Finance, Algofi, Pera Wallet, Prismatic, and LimeWire.