Ackee Blockchain design, develop and audit custom blockchain solutions. The solution is to offer both one-time and continuous auditing for Ethereum and Solana chains with a focus on the quality of findings. They also, develop open-source security frameworks such as Woke or Trdelnik. The value of the company is in a strong technological background that allows spreading their know-how in blockchain further. Ackee Blockchain is a blockchain security company was established by Josef Gattermayer in the year 2021. The company is placed in Prague, Czech Republic.

Ackee Blockchain is running free online courses mentioning the School of Solana and School of Solidity, they contribute to a stronger blockchain ecosystem by sharing knowledge. The solution is partnered with some of the biggest ecosystem players including 1inch, NeonLabs, Axelar, Marinade, Everstake, d-Bridge, Stargate, and LayerZero. Ackee Blockchain is an expert in Smart Contracts Development, Technical due diligence, Blockchain, Solana, and Ethereum.