ACAMS is the biggest international membership organization that leads Anti-Financial Crime professionals. ACAMS wants to achieve its mission by certifying the achievements of our members, Supporting organizations to build robust Anti-Financial Crime readiness, creating networking platforms to share best practices at both local and international levels as well as providing world-class continuing professional education for all levels of Anti-Financial Crime professionals, regardless of location, sector, or industry. ACAMS is established by Charles A. Intriago in the year 2001. The recent CEO of the ACMAS Organization is Scott Liles from November 2020. The company is placed in Miami, Florida.

The organization Supports individuals and organizations for dedicated and ending financial crime through ideal leadership, continuing professional education, and a best-in-class peer network. ACAMS spreads its member's over 175 countries and regions across every industry that interacts with the financial system. The partners are like-minded organizations to enhance educational programming and provide members with additional benefits.