Acacia Capital is an independent management company that offers high-yield forestry investments. The company has overseen a number of commingled investment funds since creating its first institutional fund in 1992. These funds have purchased debt and equity positions in real estate, with a significant focus on residential property. Acacia Capital has been able to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns over an extended period of time thanks to our development, finance, and real estate management capabilities. 


The company manages institutional capital for the most part, but the firm also works with a small number of individual and family investors. Independent management firm Acacia Capital Partners is made up of seasoned venture capitalists with substantial operational and investment management backgrounds. Both directly and indirectly, they make investments in later-stage creative technological enterprises. Ajay Chowdhury is the founder of the company. The platform makes investments to increase the ability of technology companies to provide their customers with digital transformation.


Acacia Capital Partners has made 9 investments. Their most recent investment was on Dec 13, 2016, when QuintoAndar raised $12.6M. The estimated annual revenue of the company is $4 million per year, and the estimated revenue per employee is worth $110,000. The company has 36 employees, and the company has grown its employee count by 6% last year. QuintoAndar raised $12,600,000 / Series B from Acacia Capital Partners and Qualcomm Ventures on December 13, 2016. Whereas on November 30, 2016, Solarflare Communications raised $22,240,273 / Series Unknown from Acacia Capital Partners along with 3 other investors.