Aave is one of the best liquidity protocols, a decentralized non-custodial liquidity market protocol, where consumers can take part as depositors, that is trusted by numerous communities enabling borrowing assets, building applications, and earning interest. The platform treasury focuses on ecosystem growth and acquires benefits through transactions, liquidations, and staking. The platform was first deployed in the Ethereum space, the largest market on the Aave protocol through liquidity, and incorporates limited assets, in January 2020. Faster transactions and low costs make cooperating with Aave on Polygon perfect for extreme volume transactions. 


Aave is governed by the community, a fully decentralized, community-governed platform incorporating millions of token holders. Aave protocol's community submitted Aave Grants DAO, a community-led permits program to fund ideas to empower a larger ecosystem of community developers. The platform is audited by the globe's leading security organizations, with the highest priority of security of the Aave Protocol. Aave Risk DAO, a community executes association to mitigate every protocol problem, market monitoring, and protocol evolution.