Chimezie Chuta is a Nigerian author, and enthusiastic blockchain and cryptocurrency influencer, he resides in nigeria and aims to offer help for the startup business enterprises in deeply understanding the building blocks of the booming new emerging technology blockchain and cryptocurrency to provide entrepreneurs enhancing their business strategies and achieving their business objectives and goals and meet their consumer requirements securely and efficiently. He is the founder of the Blockchain Nigeria User Group since 2018, which is a passionate enthusiast of blockchain, entrepreneurs, innovators, builders, and investors to combat the growth of enhancing the evolutionary environment of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency across the regions of Nigeria. 


His preliminary focus is to educate and publish information concerning blockchain-related assets for those who are new to this ecosystem. At present, he performs multiple roles working in numerous organizations, such as advisor at Bantu Blockchain Foundation, partner at Adaverse, and advisor at Kinesis Money.  Chimezie is the author of the Book," Seizing Opportunities in Blockchain and Digital Currency Revolution", a handbook for enthusiasts. Currently servicing in Blockspace Africa Technologies Ltd as an Africa lead, Technology, and Innovation in Lagos, Nigeria. 


He graduated from the University of Nigeria, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Humanities, and also attended the University of Nicosia, learning in-depth about blockchain technology from renowned Bitcoin experts Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis. He is licenced and certified by the Blockchain Nigeria User Group and acquire a greater knowledge of numerous fields, such as project management, business development, strategic planning, and many others.