Chris is the Dubai-based CEO of Olymp Capital, Europe’s first asset management fund dedicated to blockchain and crypto. He is also the Managing Director of Agentic Group — a global membership-based consortium of Blockchain and Digital Currency companies that are based out of N.America, Asia, and Europe. 


Christophe de Courson is the Co-founder of Mensis Capital an innovative speculation vehicle that uses the amazing open doors in the crypto ventures market with openness to new arising resource classes and a multi-procedure approach that intends to augment outright return.


Co-founder and Chairman of Cross the Ages an AAA NFT collectible game and Co-pioneer behind Olymp Capital one of the principal European VC blockchain reserves. A profoundly experienced and effective business visionary Christophe routinely talks on global occasions about business, advanced and blockchain innovations, and worth creation.


He is also the managing director at Agentic Group LLC. a global membership-based consortium of blockchain and digital currency companies. Based in New York City, their member companies are located in the US, Canada, EU, and South America. He served also as the CEO of PeeeM. it was the fastest-growing start-up in 2013 with 1+ million users worldwide within a month. He worked as the Founder and CEO of mobile. And president at manage and com. Shareholder and President of Manage and Com which provides internet access and green energy solutions to estate housing complexes.