Brian P Brooks serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Bitfury. At Bitfury, he is responsible for making major corporate decisions, and managing the overall functions and resources of the platform. Frequently referred to as, “The First FinTech Comptroller” and “CryptoComptroller” for his work enhancing financial innovation, Brooks led the government’s efforts to offer regulatory clarity for stablecoins, digital assets, and the growth of blockchain payment networks, and brought the first federal banks charter to a cryptocurrency platform.  


In the past, before joining Bitfury, Brooks held the positions of CEO at Binance.US, a digital asset exchange and marketplace, and Acting Comptroller of the Currency at the office of the Comptroller of the Currency, where he was the administrator of the federal banking system. In addition, he also served as the Chief Executive of the Federal Agency responsible for supervising and chartering banks incorporating 70% of all banking activity in the US.