Bart R. Bordallo, abbreviated for Bartolome R. Bordallo, is a passionate influencer and entrepreneur in burgeoning cryptocurrency technology. He has been serving as the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Zignaly since 2018, one of the leading and extremely reliable, safe, and authorized public cryptocurrency trading organizations. With a bundle of passion for Defi and Blockchain, Bordallo founded Zignaly making the space innovative and surpassing the level of the growing ecosystem in the entire world. 


In 2022, Zignaly secures $50 million in supplementary funding from angel investors to incite its global enhancement, collaborations, and new products. Whereas in 2021, he established the ZIG Coin, increasing $3 million in the private market with a motive to further develop the company’s growth. In 2020, he launched the Profit Sharing model, building the foundation for social crypto investing. He is constantly engaged in the industry of decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies, believing that it is an evolution that will alter the world via its empowering potency and make it more valuable in the future of the world. 


He was the CEO of Quickstart Ventures for less than a year.  In 2014, he co-founded and became the CEO of Tractionboard, based in Miami, which provides services to all campaigns via any marketing channel to optimize and enhance resources and traction. At Tractionboard, Bordallo has created many other projects, such as Confianza Internet, with other professional creators.