Admiring creativity and loving technology I’ve found my perfect spot at the crossroad of blockchain and marketing. My passion for writing and online content creation led me to Steemit 3+ years ago and I fell down the rabbit hole. Since then I'm a true believer in DLT technologies and very enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies, NFTs & decentralized finance (DeFi). I help blockchain companies develop their holistic marketing strategy and build a strong brand. I am passionate about bridging new technologies and their end-users. What I love most is growing a community of future users and turning them into die-hard fans. Certainly many marketing professionals would argue but my previous experiences have proven that growing brands from scratch with small marketing budgets is possible. It’s not easy, but once you've got the right strategy enjoying the long-term benefits is a matter of time. Blockchain projects will succeed faster if their founders, CEOs and CMOs establish their personal brand, since not many do that these days. So if you’d like to gain visibility in the space and build reputation, feel free to reach out. Apart from that - thanks to my curious nature I was able to gain diverse experiences and be part of “trends” way before they became hot topics. Below are few of the things that seem to impress people, so I thought maybe they should be in here too just in case: - created and executed the marketing strategy for an ICO that raised $20m from 9,788 token buyers from 146 countries (with only $40k spent on marketing) - as a result built loyal and engaged online community of 50k fans for the same project - later that community contributed the half of equity crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube that raised £1,5m ( $0 marketing budget was spent for that raise) - almost 8 years ago I self-published 3 fiction books 2 of which became #1 Amazon bestsellers - my short story was published by Paolo Coelho in his blog - almost 7 years ago launched my first podcast which has 200+ aired interviews/episodes and 140+ five star reviews on Apple podcasts with 500k+ total listens from 160+ countries - I have 5+ years of experience in live streaming, virtual events and audio podcast post-production - I am mentoring at Virgin Startups & WeWork Fintech Blockchain Labs - I've led the organisation of open air concerts with 20k+ audience broadcasted live on TV Follow me for all thing about blockchain, cryptocurrency, marketing, entrepreneurship, storytelling and startups. Feel free to connect - since this space is about networking and collaborations.