HEY THERE, I’M AMANDA BOLEYN! And welcome to my personal creative corner on the internet where I share all things (un) related to my work and business. Professionally I’m the founder of She Did It Her Way and host of the She Did It Her Way podcast (downloaded over 2.7 million times). I’m an accountability coach for women who want to start their online business and launch a podcast. She Did It Her Way has been featured on Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Inc.com, and Forbes. In addition to running, She Did It Her Way, I also develop and facilitate sales training material for large companies across the globe including Google, Intel, Att, Google Mastery Faculty, Weight Watchers, JP Morgan, and others. While I’ve never considered myself an innately “creative” person nor do I typically engage in activities for the sake of doing them (unless there is an economic reason…like $$$ 😬…hello double Capricorn and enneagram 1w3), my goal for my ‘personal creative corner’ is to continue cultivating my creative side through sharing parts of my life with you; possibly travel, lifestyle, favorite purchases, recipes, life updates and more. I’m excited for this venture and grateful you’re here and along for the ride. Amanda